Pregnant women may feel sexier because of hormones. Others may be completely alienated from sex. However, when considering a 9-month period, it is often not possible or necessary to completely abstain from sexual intercourse. Your fears are unfounded! Sexual intercourse does not disturb your baby or cause your water sac to rupture. The amniotic sac and uterine muscles prevent your baby from feeling. However, after orgasm, you may notice that the baby also becomes more active with the increase in blood pressure.

Does the baby feel movements during sex?

No way. The pouch around it protects your baby like a pillow and prevents it from being affected by impacts.

Can sex cause miscarriage?

Unless you have a history of miscarriage or bleeding and your doctor allows it, sex during pregnancy is safe.

Can your partner’s genitals reach the baby during sex?

Absolutely not possible! Your uterus protects your baby like a wall. Anatomically, it is not possible for your partner’s genitals to reach the baby.

Does sex cause the baby to become infected?

Mucus in the womb prevents bacteria from reaching the baby. In other words, your baby is protected against infections during pregnancy. However, blood-borne infections such as HIV can reach the baby through the circulatory system. Be sure to consult your doctor for this type of ailment.

Is sex harmful in case of placenta previa?

You may need to avoid sex if the placenta is lying outside of where it should be, especially near the cervix. Since bleeding may occur in such cases, your doctor may prohibit you from sex.

Should condoms be used?

Condoms should be used as any infection during pregnancy will harm both the baby and the mother. However, the use of any cream or gel to lubricate should be avoided. The contents of these products may harm the baby.

When can sexual intercourse be experienced during pregnancy?

Unless there is a risky pregnancy, sexual intercourse can be experienced whenever the mother feels comfortable; however, caution should be exercised in the last 3 months. Because the hormones contained in the sperm and the secretions caused by orgasm can cause the cervix to open.

What are the benefits of sex during pregnancy?

As a result of the physical and mental changes experienced by the expectant mother, her sleep pattern may be disrupted. Thanks to the hormones secreted during orgasm, the expectant mother can fall into a comfortable sleep and these hormones are natural pain relievers. In addition, the expectant mother, who has done a pleasant exercise, works the uterine muscles and prepares for a more comfortable and less painful birth.

Having sex helps increase the number of disease-fighting antibodies in our body. Having sex during pregnancy protects your baby and you against diseases. And thanks to the hormones secreted, the expectant mother gets a calmer and more peaceful mood.