Are you craving chocolate? During pregnancy, it is important to limit the amount of caffeine you consume daily to 200 mg. This limitation applies to all caffeine-containing products, not just coffee.

On average, the distribution of caffeine in the most used products is as follows:

1 instant coffee – 100 mg,
1 filter coffee – 140 mg,
1 cup of tea – 75 mg,
1 cup of green tea – 50 mg,
1 can of cola – 40 mg,

During pregnancy, caffeine and foods containing caffeine can affect your baby. If you exceed 200 mg of caffeine each day, your risk of miscarriage will also increase. For this reason, some women cut out caffeine completely during pregnancy.

The following tips can help you cut down on caffeine:

You Should Drink More Water:

As your water consumption increases, your desire for caffeinated beverages will decrease. It is recommended that pregnant women drink at least eight glasses of water a day. You can also add lemon to add flavor to the water.

You Can Give Up Chocolate:

Caffeine is found not only in coffee, as mentioned earlier, but also in chocolate foods (chocolate cookies, chocolate ice cream, and bars). By giving up chocolate, you can choose fresh fruit, nuts, healthy snacks and herbal teas, and switch to a healthier lifestyle. Of course, this herbal tea; It should be a tea recommended by your doctor.

You Should Get Enough Rest:

If you’re getting enough sleep at night, that’s great news. In this way, you will not wake up with sleepy eyes in the morning and you will not have to cling to caffeine when you get up. When you feel tired, you should sleep. Remember, your body is a great guide. You must trust his instructions to rest.

You may experience a few unwanted side effects in your body due to quitting caffeine. These side effects can include headaches and mood swings. Caffeine; Since it is an addictive substance, it is quite normal for your body to resist life without caffeine.