Is it normal to have low back pain during pregnancy?

Usually 5-7 weeks of pregnancy. low back pain seen in the majority of women in the months; It is seen as an inevitable complaint of pregnancy by obstetricians, since it is largely over after delivery. These back pains usually disappear 1-3 months after birth. However, some features make low back pain in pregnancy important. In one third of cases of low back pain, pain affects the quality of life, may increase the susceptibility to pain in later pregnancies, and may become chronic in 10-15% of cases.

What are the causes of low back pain in pregnancy?

The most common pain during pregnancy is the tension or relaxation of the muscles and joints around the pelvis or in the lumbar region. Low back pain in pregnant women usually starts in the middle months of pregnancy (4-6 months). Because the main causes of low back pain intensify in these months.

These are listed as follows:

– The uterus becomes heavy and pulls the body forward by changing the center of gravity

– Gaining weight

– Postural disorders due to pregnancy During this period, due to increased hormones, there is relaxation in the waist joints.

Since the factors causing low back pain will increase more towards the end of pregnancy, low back pain may become more severe in the last months. However, mild low back pain can be seen in some mothers-to-be in the first months of pregnancy. If low back pain is very severe in the first months of pregnancy, it should be considered that there may be a reason other than pregnancy (such as herniated disc) and an evaluation should be made in this direction.

To spend the pregnancy period more comfortably;

-You should try not to gain more weight than necessary.

-You should get enough vitamin D and calcium.

-You should walk often.

– To reduce the tension and strain in your muscles, you should maintain the correct posture of your body.

-You should change positions frequently while sitting.

-You should use a lumbar pillow while sitting on the chair.

– If your back hurts more at night, you should avoid sleeping on your back. You can support your stomach with a pillow by lying on your side.

-You should avoid movements that will tire your hips and lower back.

-You should not stand still for long periods of time.

– During long sitting and standing, you should try to relax your muscles by placing a step under one foot.

-You should do breathing and relaxation exercises.

-You should avoid wearing high-heeled shoes.

-You should rest frequently during the day.

-You should get a massage.

-When you have a lot of pain, you can use painkillers under the control of your doctor.