The fatigue and excessive sleepiness you will feel in the first trimester (1st trimester) will guarantee you a good night’s sleep. In this process, you may find yourself falling asleep on the sofa or you may observe that you are sleeping more than usual. Moreover, no matter how much you sleep, you may still feel that you cannot get rid of your tiredness. When you think that your excessive sleepiness in the first trimester is over; The last trimester will begin and you will seek uninterrupted sleep with a candle. Long story short, sleep during pregnancy is never easy.
So how should you sleep?
In the first trimester of your pregnancy, sleeping position does not matter much. This is a positive situation for you because; You are more likely to fall asleep in places that are not very comfortable due to excessive sleepiness.
You will need to pay attention to how you sleep as your uterus begins to expand as the baby grows inside. Pregnant women are generally advised not to sleep on their stomachs as their belly starts to grow.
During this period when your baby is growing, it is not recommended to sleep on your back. This is because your enlarged uterus is likely to interfere with your blood circulation when you lie on your back. When you lie in this way, the uterus; It can compress the veins (veins) that allow blood to return to the heart, and this may reduce the amount of food and blood going to the baby. You may also feel nauseous and dizzy if you lie on your back for a long time.
Sleeping on the left side is the most recommended sleeping position for the later stages of your pregnancy. This position; It will ensure that your baby gets the nutrients he needs from the placenta in the best way possible. In the last weeks of your pregnancy, you may have trouble getting a good night’s sleep. Your sleep at night may be interrupted by your need to go to the toilet or your baby’s activity. Moreover, thinking about it all the time because of the excited waiting you experience can make you lose your sleep.
For better sleep during this period, you can:
. take a warm shower,
. drinking a hot beverage
. Putting an additional pillow behind your head,
. Putting a pillow between your legs
. Sharing your worries with your partner.